Monday, December 17, 2007

When hubby came home a couple of weeks ago and declared that he was going to the Federer VS Sampras match at Malawati Stadium.... I was esctatic. Ecstatic because I would get this once in a lifetime chance to see my main man Mr FedEx himself in action. Yeayyyy! Being a tennis fanatic ( a passion which only came about the past 5 years), I couldn't believe my luck or husband's luck that he should land himself with tickets to which I'm sure thousands of Malaysians are dying to get their hands on.

Then came the SHOCKER. No.. I was not going with him coz he was going with his friend Mr Beh instead. Apparently it was Mr Beh who had landed the tickets and he wanted to bring hubby along for company.

LOOONNGGGG silence on my part.

Days went by with me imagining what an experience it would be for hubby to be at the stadium watching his hero Sampras get thrashed by my hero Federer. It was all I could talk about for days on end.

Anyway to cut the story short, hubby came home from work a few days before the match and announced that I would be going after all. Somehow rather he had managed to convince dear Mr Beh to depart with his ticket so that he(hubby) could take me instead.


So there we were at Malawati stadium on Nov 22, amongst the 12 000 strong crowd cheering for his Sampras and my Federer. Honestly from way up where I was seated the two of them could have been 2 little matchsticks playing tennis. Nevertheless, it was wonderful. I know that a chance to go to any of the Grand Slams is pretty remote, so you can just imagine how fantastic it was for me to be there. Anyway at 10 plus when we left the stadium, I realised that my hero was not the guy with the bandana holding the racket, it was the guy who sat next to me throughout the match. The one who had to arm-wrestle the tickets from his good friend Mr Beh or pay him 4x the price...whichever!


D said... kena pasang lagu HERO nih!!

elara said...

12,000 wow! ramainya. A crowd-puller indeed. Lucky you to have watched the game.

bluewonder said...

Oh yes! it was me singing HERO all the way home in the car!

lucky me big time!

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