Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reunion at Rojak-Rojak

Ever since the date was set, I've been thinking about it almost everyday. What would everyone look like? Would I be able to recognise them? Would they be able to recognise me? What would I say to all of them when finally face to face? After all, 25 years is a very long time...

Yes, after weeks of planning, discussing dates and venues and coordinating with everyone... the reunion finally took place this afternoon. There was much laughter of course, as everyone recounted the past... recalling events as far back as 30 years ago. Old pictures were produced and animated conversation took place as we tried to recall names of ex-classmates and teachers. Some names easily rolled off our tongues, whilst others needed a bit more recollection. We definitely had a laugh looking at the pictures; the ridiculous poses and our 80s fashion sense.

Within the span of 3 hours, past events which have remained locked in the recesses of our minds for many many years were mentioned once more, resulting in peals of laughter. We recalled being used as messengers by two teachers who wanted to send notes (love notes??) to each other. We remembered a certain pencil accident which resulted in a slight spill of blood in standard one. And we certainly never forgot the nenek kebayan toilet stories that used to haunt us back at school.

Twenty-five years have passed, some things have definitely changed, but the familiarity of friendship and camaraderie have remained the same.

FBB's 2 days visa

(tq Fauzi B, Fauzee T, Fauzi I and Rizal for making the journey north to see Yassin, Shahrin, Inaz, Huda, Siti and I here in KL)

Though we have gone our separate ways,
the memories are here to stay,
Of cherished thoughts that fill our hearts
Till the last moments when we part.

Hannan's Pahang Adventure