Monday, April 26, 2010


Am desperately looking for some instant solutions to the things that have been bothering me of late; responsibilities, financial commitments / constraints, kids, career (?), expectations, high expectations, lethargy, housework ...

Surely I can get (crawl) my way out of this abyss

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marathon days are here..

Am not looking forward to the days ahead. Anticipating very stressful Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully will have a more or less smooth transition in the next couple of days as I get back to my old routine. Must remember to have a sit down session with the elder two and hopefully they'll co-operate with mama. Perhaps a little bribing will do the trick. Wish me luck..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doing it and doing it right

Wishing that people would just do their job and do it properly. Is that so much to ask?? Really, stop the grumbling, whining and pointing of fingers and just get to it. After all, you're getting paid right... so what's the excuse? I can't think of any...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday nite

A few old frens came up from JB yesterday with the intention of meeting the KL bunch for a quick/short get together. Unfortunately though, since it was a long weekend with friday being a public holiday (Maulidur Rasul), only 3 managed to make it to the meeting. The rest of the gang were scattered all over the Peninsular, back in their hometowns meeting families and relatives. For the remaining few who were still in the state and not under the weather, we managed to converge at the big golden arch at Ampang Park last nite.

I was happy to be there, seeing old frens from the past and catching up on life in general. It was made even better with the presence of a new found ex-classmate of late. I came of course with my BFF/chauffeur (as always) who was kind enough to drive me to KL 45 mins after returning home from being out working all day. Honestly, without him I doubt I would've made the journey to the city. I hate driving to KL. I hate it even more when it's at night and to a place where I'm not familiar with. The last time I was in Ampang Park was many moons ago, and it's not exactly high on my list of fav places to hang out.

Anyway, my BFF was his usual friendly/sociable self. Quickly warming up to my frens and I'm pretty sure had a good time chomping away on the prosperity burger whilst watching Chelsea vs Man City. The last time he was out at some joint watching football with male companions was probably 14 years ago...before we got married. It's great to see him so relaxed and at ease last nite. I have to admit, at one point I wondered... were we there for my mini reunion or his?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mengaji Class

No 3 never liked going for his mengaji class. I don't know why, since the tahfiz school is just 3 doors away from our house, with many boys of his age as company... and the class is only half an hour at most. He'd often beg to stay home, giving all sorts of excuses... ranging from I have a fever/headache/toothache/ulcer... to I have a lot of homework from Teacher Kamisah (his kindy class teacher) etc. In extreme cases, no 3 would force himself to nap minutes after arriving home from his sitter, just to avoid attending his mengaji class which comes after.

What I don't understand is, when he comes back from the class... he's always in such a good mood. Telling me all the things that he's learned from the short 30 minute class, how many more pages to go before finishing off his Iqra' and who his new friends are. So I'm left to surmise that the class isn't that bad after all.. and that he's actually able to enjoy it once he's there and gets started.

Well, 2 days ago... to my surprise.. no 3 requested to be picked up early from his sitter because he wanted to go for his mengaji class after that. What?? Am I hearing this right... So mama did a bit of probing and discovered that on the day before, he had such a gala time at his class. Porquoi? Well apparently on that day... the ustaz who usually teaches him wasn't around so the older abang tahfiz was left in charge of his lesson that day. Which means... no 3 was able to have a chit-chat with the younger tahfiz boys as oppose to the usual hush-hush - silent mode which prevails in his regular classes. (Yes..yes..when the cat is away... the mouse comes out to play). Which also means that the tahfiz boys@ son's comrades were free to take out their rations of singam (chewing gums) and lollipops to be shared with no 3.

Husband has only one thing to say.... "No wonderlah he wants to go back to the's like a gentlemen's club there".

Monday, October 26, 2009

Farewell mentor

I've often believed that as I travel through life, I'm bound to cross paths with someone special who will leave an impression in my life. And if I'm lucky, I might strike a long and lasting friendship with such a character lasting for decades. Benefiting much from the relationship physically, mentally and spiritually.

I met with such a person, nearly 2 decades ago... a postgraduate student who arrived in bonny Edinburgh late autumn with his wife and 3 kids. Over the years in Edinburgh, my friends and I have regarded him as more than just the provider of our weekly usrah. He was our friend, our mentor and our point of reference with regards to many things in life. He was our brother who was wise and generous with what he had. And we will definitely miss the friendship and wisdom of the man affectionately known to us as Ustaz Din.

- Dr Hj Zainuddin Jaafar, may Allah have mercy on your soul. Al Fatihah.

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