Monday, October 26, 2009

Farewell mentor

I've often believed that as I travel through life, I'm bound to cross paths with someone special who will leave an impression in my life. And if I'm lucky, I might strike a long and lasting friendship with such a character lasting for decades. Benefiting much from the relationship physically, mentally and spiritually.

I met with such a person, nearly 2 decades ago... a postgraduate student who arrived in bonny Edinburgh late autumn with his wife and 3 kids. Over the years in Edinburgh, my friends and I have regarded him as more than just the provider of our weekly usrah. He was our friend, our mentor and our point of reference with regards to many things in life. He was our brother who was wise and generous with what he had. And we will definitely miss the friendship and wisdom of the man affectionately known to us as Ustaz Din.

- Dr Hj Zainuddin Jaafar, may Allah have mercy on your soul. Al Fatihah.

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Kuching tompang said...

May Allah bless him always. Everlasting memory of him and wonderful family

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