Monday, November 3, 2008

Deep in the night, last night

I'm amazed how some people can easily fall asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow. Take hubby as an example... he can immediately doze off anytime...anywhere...if he wants to that is.
Never a fuss... just instant sleep the moment he closes his eyes. He can even do this whilst I'm yakking away beside him about the day's events...much to my dismay, of course!.

I on the other hand, happen to be one of those that take hours to fall asleep. Well maybe not really hours as in hours... but surely many many minutes before I reach the very first phase of sleep. The tossing and turning and countless fluffing of pillows are just part of the usual exhausting rigmarole that I go through before finally falling asleep. It's quite exasperating actually, especially if you turn and see your sleeping partner sprinting himself away towards a good surf on his delta waves!!

Hubby says he enjoys his power naps which is a somewhat effective way of increasing productivity in the afternoon at work. He believes that a quick shut-eye can help to give a much needed recharge in the afternoon... in his case before rushing off to do his night shift at work. After a quick nap ( usually just a couple of minutes ) one will wake up feeling most refreshed and energized. So he says. I wouldn't know, since I need at least 30 minutes to an hour before finally falling asleep. There's definitely no such thing as a quick forty winks for moi.

All these talk about sleep inevitably leads me to what happend deep in the dark, last night. For the hundredth time... when the house was still and everyone's asleep.. yours trully was lying awake in bed, blinking her eyeballs out. She lay there feeling most envious of everybody who were obviously in deep slumber whilst she struggled trying to put herself to sleep. When counting sheep and everything else she could think of didn't seem to work... the insomniac walked out of her room to her children's ... and sat at the edge of their beds and kissed each one of her five children tenderly on the forehead. A calming effect was surely felt. She then returned to bed and recited a series of random zikir. How many she did not know... for sometime at 2.30am she finally fell asleep. Zzzzzzzz

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