Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday nite

A few old frens came up from JB yesterday with the intention of meeting the KL bunch for a quick/short get together. Unfortunately though, since it was a long weekend with friday being a public holiday (Maulidur Rasul), only 3 managed to make it to the meeting. The rest of the gang were scattered all over the Peninsular, back in their hometowns meeting families and relatives. For the remaining few who were still in the state and not under the weather, we managed to converge at the big golden arch at Ampang Park last nite.

I was happy to be there, seeing old frens from the past and catching up on life in general. It was made even better with the presence of a new found ex-classmate of late. I came of course with my BFF/chauffeur (as always) who was kind enough to drive me to KL 45 mins after returning home from being out working all day. Honestly, without him I doubt I would've made the journey to the city. I hate driving to KL. I hate it even more when it's at night and to a place where I'm not familiar with. The last time I was in Ampang Park was many moons ago, and it's not exactly high on my list of fav places to hang out.

Anyway, my BFF was his usual friendly/sociable self. Quickly warming up to my frens and I'm pretty sure had a good time chomping away on the prosperity burger whilst watching Chelsea vs Man City. The last time he was out at some joint watching football with male companions was probably 14 years ago...before we got married. It's great to see him so relaxed and at ease last nite. I have to admit, at one point I wondered... were we there for my mini reunion or his?


D said...

ala.. your boyfren memang so sociable what..?! yes, must let him know he's really appreciated. keep it up ya, abg ngah!!;)

Kuching Tompang said...

It was at my favourite lunchtime haunt as I sometime work at Jasa Dental hahahah McD...but most important to see Chelsea coming down to their knees...!

Its gonna be ManU's turn soon grrrrr...

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