Monday, December 17, 2007

Keeping Them Occupied

I've always loved watching Neil Buchanan and his Art Attack shows on TV. The sheer simplicity of the art works, the colour and creativity are enough to make me want to pick up my paint brushes and get all artsy!

My kids too love his shows. Infact Hannan the slightly art inclined has a couple of Art Attack books in her posession. She's been pestering me for a loooonnng time to get her the art stuff so that this holiday... she and her brothers could have a go at one of the easy projects.

Dining table sacrificed for future art prodigies

don't we just love slapping lots of PVA glue

birthday cake for Ateh - blueberry and strawberry pandan cheesecake

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Mak tam manchester... said...

Nanti Maktam give proper art class... nak?

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