Sunday, December 2, 2007


Okay, hubby has been constantly reminding me to update my blog for the past couple of weeks. I've been promising him to do so but as usual procrastination is my middle name...

It's kinda hard these days since I come home from work later than usual and am usually dead tired by then, to even reach for my laptop...let alone compose something for my blog.

But since hubby is away in Korea this weekend and I'm usually home-based every time he is away..I have a bit of time to spare. So what do I write about...

Now, since my nephews and nieces have been stationed at my mom-in-law's house (their parents are currently away performing the Haj) older kids have been begging me to let them go to their Wan's house as well for sleepovers. I was just happy to oblige since I wasn't able to entertain them as I had to work during their school hols. So that's one less headache.

Atuk and Wan who relish the idea of having 11 grandchildren running around in their house for the entire school hols have taken the initiative of having the house equipped with games to keep their grandchildren entertained. Ranging from a basketball hoop to carrom board to pool table to ping-pong table to an X-box to a PS2game etc etc . As hubby would say it... the house has turned into a real Kid's Club!! and how he wished he had the time to have a go at all of the games.

But more interestingly though is that they have taken it upon themselves to teach the kids mengaji Al Quran everyday and among other things how to perform sembahyang jenazah. And like sponges these kids absorb everything that is taught to them. Atuk was happy to observe that all of his schoolgoing grandchildren were progressing well and would be able to recite the doa for sembahyang jenazah soon...

Atuk goes high-tech during the mengaji session after maghrib prayers

On the weekends when I'm free, I'd try and take the kids out for an outing to the nearby mall. Usually it'd be one day for girls and another day for the boys. This was the only arrangement possible as it would be humanly impossible to squeeze 9 schoolgoing kids into my Estima without being stopped by the police! I'd try to be fair and make sure that the outings are as similar as possible for both groups... a spree at the bookstore followed by makan-makan at Pizza Hut or KFC...just in case they compared notes!

my bodyguards

choc chip ice-cream anyone??

the girls at Baskin Robbins


elara said...

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. When kids are happy i reckon the family is a happy family.

Happy school holidays!!

pid said...

couldn't help laughing when i read the "in case they compared notes" part :D but so true

PrettyMommie said...

Atuk and nenek is really creative and cool about their grandchildren..

Mak tam manchester... said...

Oh how Shahadah is missing all this! But, she has a secret weapon.. D just popped out a boy and Shahadah will be representing your children as the cousin to this new born! It will keep her occupied for a while.

madame blossom said...

that is sooo nice to hear! rumah atuk nenek turning into a kid's club. A whole lot of fun! pulak tu ada other good inputs like ngaji and bljr solat jenazah.

You can suggest to the grandparents, boleh ada session hafal surah pun.

I wish my children can join.

bluewonder said...

what u say is true. enjoy ur hols too.

this is serious stuff u know. My daughter very particular abt this sort of things!

time cuti je atuk/nenek get to really spend time wth granchildren. on my part...hooray coz somebody looking after my kids..and I get a break

mak tam,
have u seen the baby yet? Kiss baby for us okay

mdm blossom,
my mother/father in-laws run a sekolah agama for primary kids. So I'm lucky in the sense that my kids get atuk/wan to teach them time sekolah and also time cuti.
In many ways they're more advanced than me. Bnyk doa yg dihafal compared to their mama!

D said...

nak ituttttttt!!

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