Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A tale of the Korean Silk

Hubby came home from Korea the other day after spending the weekend there. He was invited to attend a conference and since everything was paid for...lucky man..he decided to go. The trip was meant to be his last overseas trip for the year.

Anyway, my kids made a point to be at home at the time of his arrival. They were excited when ayah finally arrived and immediately made a beeline for his...what else BAGS! Like many of hubby's previous trips, he would try and get something special for each child and not forgetting mama of course.

The kids were thrilled to bits when they received their little pressies which as you might have guessed...consisted of apa! And to my surprise hubby even managed to find time to get me some nice Korean silk ( he was paying attention to my many not-so-subtle hints about getting silk in Korea).

Well as I held the materials in my hands..I had a funny feeling that they were rather short in length. So I had to ask. Were the materials already cut when he bought them. To this he replied.."Oh No! I had them cut specially for you...3 meters each piece".

Aiyaa! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did he say 3 meters????? Since when did I use only 3 meters for my baju kurung? Well perhaps a zillion years ago when I was a wee child of 12!

Anyway it was apparent that hubby had somehow rather forgotten that I required 4 meters for my baju kurung. When told about this, suffice to say he was very annoyed with himself for making such a silly mistake. On my part..though I was disappointed that my baju kurung would now turn into a baju kedah...I was also in a way pleased that in a moment of madness my dear hubby thot that after 10 years of marriage and 5 kids to boot.. I was le petite in size! And for that, I forgive him.


madame blossom said...

:D i like small flower prints!

3meters eh.. maybe u can make a long dress/jubah instead.

Or u could find another kain to make the kain or make mixed material design for your baju kurung.

:p just some ideas.

UglyButAdorable said...

i remembered my childhood days where abah used to buy us things after his outstation trip so i can imagine how excited yur kids must be...hihhii...

sis..nasib dier beli 3, kalau 5 lagi parah!!! hahahahahhaa...

bluewonder said...

mdm blossom,
Oh yes... 2 pieces will be turned intobaju kedah...while one will be a jubah.

next time, kena tulis exactly wht I want and how much-how long etc etc

had he returned with a 5 meter kain..he'd have to sleep outside!

elara said...

It's great when hubby thinks you are still petite. It's the thought that counts.

D said...

eh, you ARE petite!! HeHe... He's still undergoing training la!


the last time I had silk...was China silk, bright yellow. It was a birthday gift actually frm frens.

Back then masa single, its still ok lah to wear bright yellow....sekarang dah anak 2 ni, the husband find it so not me :P

maklang said...

Boleh buat Jubah with 3m, cantek jugakkan...

bluewonder said...
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noora said...

hello gurl,

dun remember if iv ever left a mark here, so im leaving one rite now.
nice tale :-) will catch on reading later.

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