Friday, January 23, 2009

Revisiting my past

FB has been a godsent and I have Mark Zuckerberg to thank. The whole idea of allowing people to get connected with others be it locally or globally is just great. Over the past year of being active in FB, I've been able to stay connected with friends, make new friends and even get reacquainted with long lost childhood pals from school...going as far as 25 years.

I had left primary school 25 years ago to be exact. Since then, I've been everywhere. When dad got promoted, we left the state and moved up north. I later left the country in 1990 to continue my studies abroad for 6 years. Upon my return, I moved 3 times before finally settling down to where I am today. With work and family commitments, keeping in touch with friends over the years required effort... a lot of effort. And there were many many times when contacts were lost or friends just drifted apart.

Of late, some old friends have been extra busy tracking down classmates of a primary school that I used to attend in Johor. People whom I'd never thought I'd hear or see again suddenly appear on my screen out of nowhere. Imagine the emotions stirred upon seeing familiar names popping up and the floodgates of memories opening, unleashing memories of yesteryears. Contacts have since then been re-established, phone calls made across states and messages sent flying in cyberspace. All in the pursuit of reconnecting with my past.

There's been a buzz on FB about organizing a reunion for our group. Talks about getting as many classmates as possible and teachers too (if possible) to meet up sometime soon... have definitely left me feeling so excited. I never had many pics of my primary years, and the fact that many were lost when we moved about only made it worse. So I can't thank you enough friends who have taken the effort to upload some old..really old pics of us back in school (some going as far back as 30 years). And it was indeed hilarious to be looking at the pics and not recognizing yourself in them... how terrible is that??

My Alma mater

1 kuning - 1979

Prefectorial Board - 1983

with friends at the school field

Class teacher Pn Hamidah and my tormentors

Our actual class register

OMG! I can see my name in the register!!!

(kudos to Fauzee/Fauzi)

* I'd just like to say a special thanks to several friends in Johor, who have taken the task to revisit the school and collect as much info about the class of 6 Biru 1984. See you guys at the reunion!

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aidareza said...

Wah, your old school mates so gung ho one. Hope the reunion will be a blast. So nice to reminisce kan?

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