Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Bliss

When I was growing up, I remember spending a lot of time at my grandfather's house. On weekdays my brother and I stayed at his place in Taman Johor Jaya, whilst on weekends we would be back in Singapore with our mom and dad. He was a strict man, my Tok Bak . And I remember us (his grandchildren) being terribly afraid of him. He only had to give us the briefest of glance, and we'd be scampering away in the opposite direction. On the contrary, my Mak Tok was a gentle and quiet woman, whom we often sought comfort from. But as Tok Bak got older, he somehow mellowed in my opinion. He became more friendly and less of a disciplinarian and his grandchildren were no longer afraid of him.

If there was one thing about my garandfather that I'd remember most, it'd be his belief in the unity of the family. And over the years of growing up, I have witnessed the solidarity and unity of the Omar clan. Yes, they bicker and fight, like any other family. But at the end of the day, they remain as one. And it is this value passed on from my grandfather to my mom and to me, that I hope to pass on to my children one day.


I came aross this beautiful poem earlier on and I think it encapsulates the true essence of the family day we had last December.

Family.. by
© Ryan Guerrero

Not enough hours in the day, we often say
we watch as the business of life allows time slip away.

Before we know days turn to months and months into years,
Time is mapped with laughter and cheers,
the long road sometimes landmarked with sadness and tears.

Elders pass and children grow,
has it been that long we ask, where does the time go?

Not every chance to gather is taken.
"We'll see them next time" we say and hope we're not mistaken.

A chance like now comes once in a lifetime it seems,
when the bright light of family is nurtured and beams,
there will be laughter and time to reminisce
we will all be proud this is a chance we did not miss.


Our venue : Agrotek Garden Resort. Beautifully landscaped.


Let the games begin....

Betung Air

Tarik bangggg....jangan tak tarikkkk!!!

nombor besar..nombor besar..nombor besar

Eh! Doktor gigi tau tak anak dia tengah kutip gula-gula..


... I'm quite sure there was a baby whale just now...

santai kita....

wrestling atas titi

ohh...but he was doing so well just now...

the faris familia

and the cheering crowd

santapan rohani

Aisyah's birthday cake

Luqman's birthday cupcakes

... and Safreedah's Hilton cakes... yum! yum!

The Entertainment

David Copperfield wannabes

.. suara ikut mamanya... those dance moves definitely ikut ayahnya

bacaan selawat oleh cucu tersayang

... and the best line of the nite..."Err atok... we are balanced".

.. the crooner and his mime squad..

the singing dentist...with his most unique rendition of Purple Rain

Prize giving ceremony

our very own Princess Hannan

best performance... "mama miaaaaaaa"



kampong kastam

pujaan kuuuu

and the winner is... the mengkarungs!

orang kuat kita

the Omar family

yeayyyy! that was one successful family day!!


... the winner of the karoake nite...
Dr Purple Rain himself, accepting ( in absentia)his award at home.


A chance like now comes once in a lifetime it seems,
when the bright light of family is nurtured and beams,
there will be laughter and time to reminisce
we will all be proud this is a chance we did not miss.

... and happy I am that we did not miss, the times with our loved ones was surely bliss!


Anonymous said...

wonderful entry mai..goes straight to the heart, the poem! and no need for words, the pictures indeed speak a thousand words,showed how much fun we had kan..MUST, MUST do it again....!
TQVM for this entry...

loves..Aunty F

Anonymous said...

Hope we can continue the Omar legacy and stay close knitted. Have started the ball rolling and hopefully abang will take on the baton.Really enjoyed the company and will always do.

Fame(Kampung Kastam)

Mak Tam manchester said...

No way did the singing dentist win the karaoeke. I imagine there was some curuption and bribing on the juge's panel. Did you get it on video? if yes, please upload on u-tube- want to see how the song was totally masacred by Abang Ngah.

Kuching Tompang said...

mak tam,

yes way!!!..I did win the competition. it was unanimous infact. Prince wud have cried on that day if he was there to listen to my version of the Purple Rain rendition said...

Kampung Kastam Is The BEST!!

Oh yesss.
the family day was super duper great eventhough it was the first time..

and oh.
i realize ur family banyak bolot hadiah laaa.

bluewonder said...

mestilah bolot banyak nak buat magic show tu...adlah nak kat seminggu...and the karaoke practice started way back in October. Bukan senang nak dpt performance cam tu!!

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