Friday, January 2, 2009

Haute Couture

My mom is a superwoman... and I'm not kidding. She's a wonderful teacher, a great cook ( all her 4 kids and 9 siblings can attest to this) and has upholstered hubby's fav sofa at the cost of RM50 (when the shop wanted to charge us a thousand bucks!!).... and these are just a fraction of the many wonderful things that she can do.

Recently she surprised the family by designing new evening gowns for my daughters' Barbie dolls. Somehow rather after giving the Barbies their bath one day... my daughters misplaced their costumes and the Barbies have been without any form of attire for many months now.

And Mak Tok who simply cannot stomach a Barbie with no clothes on, decided to take matters into her own hands. So, she came up with these.... and even decided to give them new names befitting their new identities.

Meet Khadijah (pink) Ratu Malaya in kebaya and flowing sequined skirt, complete with scarf and Priyanka (blue) the Indian Princess with an off-the-shoulder embroidered baby blue evening gown.

And that is why my daughters simply lurrrrrvveeee their Mak Tok to bits!!
** A special thanks to our tailor Tee for giving away the fabrics for free.


Roti Kacang Merah said...

HOLY MACARONEE!!! Chanteknya baju!!!

now this reminds me of a t-shirt i came across in waverly shopping center yonks ago...

"I want to be like Barbie. That B*tch has got everything"

i SO concur!

Mak Tam manchester said...

Hey, Shahadah has a doll name 'Khadijah' too. It was actually 'Lucy' from peanuts- but we decided to Islamkan dia...

The clothes are brilliant! Looks like Mak Tok used kain lebih from someone's baju raya- who will these dolls be sedundung to?

bluewonder said...

Glad u liked the baju. It took her only one afternoon to sew everything. Real Superwoman

Mak Tam,
Yelah...rasanya the fabric mesti lebih baju tunang or baju kahwin org Kg Jawa. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

9? last time I checked Mak has 10 grandchildren ....missing one aah

foodlover said...

yang suka tengok baju2 tu is my second daughter : )

Anonymous said...

Myra, you have to tell ur daughters that Aunty liza too had ur mom's hands on a stuffed toy way back when i was with her in Jln Port Swettenham.

She even embroidered my handkerchief with a giraffe following the dots on the polkadotted fabrics. I just love her, my sister!

- a.liza

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