Monday, January 14, 2008

History revisited

A recent trip to Kota Malawati in Kuala Selangor resulted in a rather extensive history lesson by hubby. He, who I can only describe as a history-anthropology freak @geek has always been able to rattle off names, dates, places and events in the past as easily as I can concoct telur goreng!

I dunno how he manages to remember all the details. Perhaps he learned them for the right reasons..i.e for the knowledge itself...unlike yours truly who memorised history just to pass SPM. Hence, as soon as exam was over... all history facts were dutifully erased from memory :(

Today, Bukit Malawati offers a panoramic view of the Selangor coast and the Klang Valley. Besides Fort Malawati, there are several other fascinating historical attractions such as the Royal Mausoleum and the fabled execution block. My kids in particular were most interested in the ancient fort and cannons which were found there. Their first hand experience being at the fort surrounded with cannons brought squeals of delight as they imagined to be Captain Jack Sparrow on his many pirate escapades!

steps leading up to the fort

cannons galore

little did we know then that Safia was sitting pretty on what might
have been chopping blocks used for executions

As we circumnavigate the Malawati Hill we marvelled at the beautiful white-washed lighthouse also known as the Altingsburg Lighthouse. Named after the Dutch Governor General of that time, who was Governor General Alting. Since baby Luqman was in my lap, I forced hubby to run out of the car and take a pic of it. And I wasn't disappointed. The view of the lighthouse in the late afternnoon, framed by branches from a nearby tree was by far the best picture of the day!

Kudos to the amateur photographer!


Mak Tam Manchester said...

You know... sometimes I wonder about those historic dates and names that your hubby blurts out- has any of us really varified them with proper historical references? But no doubt he is a historic freak geek... no arguments there, its just that he could be a liying historic freak geek.

Anyway, COMELnye SAFIA!!!!

D said...

Hey, Safia dah besar!!! (of course, you dumbo!). Any junior historic freak geek in the making??

bluewonder said...

mak tam,
yalahhhh...we nver bother to verify all those so called historical facts that he claims to know. Must do so from now onwards. TQ for reminder.

Safia is indeed growing up very fast. a bit of a Diva. Must always get her way. Will put up a pic of all the kids soon (cousins as well) for ur daughter's benefit. Watch this space.

Pray not! (wth reference to ur question).

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