Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Salam Maal Hijrah

I meant to do this much much earlier, in fact on the day itself, but as usual never got around to doing so. But 7 days late (give and take) is still okay, I think. Anyway, this entry is dedicated to all the relatives and friends, here and abroad, whom I've not seen nor heard from for whatever reason etc etc.

May this new year brings happiness and joy. And may we all be under Allah's protection and guidance always.

To the Manchurians - Ash n Dee n baby Syakir n Mak Tam n Pak Tam n Syahadah... Salam Maal Hijrah from everyone at home.

Love, Bluewonder

One for the camera

Caught sleeping on the job!

Am I seeing double???

Freestyle pose..pleaseeee this boy ever awake?

Doa selamat at Wan and Atuk's house

Girls shouting out "SYAHADAHHHHHH!"

Boys in Jubah garb

Our little Iranian import

Spiderman.. ready to go


Mak Tam Manchester said...

Oh... I am teary eyed when I look at all those photos... what shahadah is missing!... but the last photo gave me a wee giggle!

Semua dah besar dan comel... rindu nye!!!

madame blossom said...

gambar tidur pun cute. :D

do they look like you? so u ada twins eh?

pak tam said...

peh..abang naim punya gotie ganas la...

PM said...

Comei-comei nye..i like the pics of the girls shouting syahadahh..

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