Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Prayer For A Friend

A couple of weeks ago, I was informed by a close friend of 17 years, that her husband (Mr d)was unwell.`Apparently he has been in that condition for the past few months. Visits to the doctors revealed nothing until last week when he was diagnosed with cancer.

This bit of information came as a shock to me and my husband. I have shed tears many times in private, eversince receiving the news. My kids who noticed my watery eyes would ask me why my eyes were red. This was often replied with "I'm sleepy...I haven't been getting enough sleep".

The whole thing seems so surreal. At times I find it hard to accept. I've known d and her husband for a very very long time. Both d and I were roomates for the most part of our university life. Her children are about my kids' age and in the past, we have not only been to each others wedding but also to each other's homes for birthday parties, kenduris and whatnots. She is not just a friend. She is like a sister to me.

For the past one week, I've been trying hard to get in touch with as many old friends who know d and her husband by calling them on their handphones or through emails. I'm doing this with the hope that they can give du'a and words of comfort to d and her husband during this very trying times indeed.

Perhaps in this special month of Ramadhan, God will grant our prayers and lessen the pain and sufferings of Mr d and his family.


fame said...

Sorry to hear the news our doa and prayers for both of them.
Don't lose hope. Do not lose hope in Allah, for He is the Creator.Do not flee from your trials; patience in adversity is the foundation of all virtue.Patience is two sided:one side is suffering affliction with a cheerful mind,resigning oneself to the Will of The Creator;the other is restraining oneself from things forbidden by the creator.Man is tested according to his level of faith may Allah give them the strength and patience.

fame said...
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madame blossom said...

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

May both d and her husband, be able to get through this test.

And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast,
Who say, when a misfortune striketh them: Lo! we are Allah's and Lo! unto Him we are returning.
Al Quran, Al Baqarah 2:155-156

Anonymous said...


hello there..let me introduce myself..i'm farah. I came in to ur blog tru D's blog. I t happened that I was browsing main main jer, terserempak dengan blog D -who happen to be ur best friend. Salam takxiah-that's the only thing I could say but...yer la..berat mata memandang, beralt lagi bahu yang memikul. I'm so happy and touched to read your post about how close you were with D when both of u were in the uni and school. Is D coming back to Malaysia? D went there for studies or she settled there?? Hope you wont mind telling me as I would like to reach her. Thank You

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