Thursday, October 11, 2007

YUSUF turns 8

My son turned 8 on 10th October. For weeks and weeks...well actually months and months he has been asking both me and husband to get him something unique for his birthday present. Normal stuff that we usually give was not good enough... he wanted something extra special. Lucky for us, he revealed what he wanted exactly.

Nothing super extravagant, just a science kit. Something that would allow him to do a bit of experimenting with this and that. I guess all those times spent infront of the TV, watching Dexter's laboratory had in a way influenced his choice of present this year. So hubby and I had to go present-hunting at the shops for this so-called science kit. Husband said there was a specialist shop at Bangsar Village which sold something of the sort, but it has since closed down. Not making business I guess. Perhaps it couldn't compete with the attraction most toy shops would have when it comes to wooing childrens' interest.

I was getting a bit worried last Sunday because up to that day we still hadn't found anything for him yet. As we were driving around town looking for "lampu kelip-kelip" for our house, we passed by an old shop that my husband used to frequent when he was a child. It was one of those shops that sold electronic parts. Much of my husband's childhood was spent making transformers, model aeroplanes and fixing TVs/radios. It was his passion. And that particular shop supplied him with all the necessary parts and gadgets.

I quickly instructed husband to pull over and we soon found ourselves in the shop. There were so many stuff there, stocked from floor to ceiling. Browsing through, he soon found something which would interest my son. It was an electronic hobby kit. Something that would enable him to build a 4 digit Up Counter. I know it's not a science kit, but it was close we were running out of time.

We also purchased other paraphernalia which were needed in getting the little science project running. Namely a soldering iron with solder coil, a flux vacuum and a few other stuff. To be honest, I was at loss looking at all these things. The names and functions of the objects were as foreign to me as coffee from Colombia.

Anyway, my son is looking forward to this long Raya holiday as ayah has promised to assist him in getting the counter up and running. And I look forward to him using it to count my palpitations everytime I discover he has forgotten do his homework again!

The electric shop at Jln Kapar, Klang

The present

Yusuf's little birthday do


madame blossom said...

happy belated birthday to yusof!

selamat hari raya untuk bluewonder sekeluarga. semoga semua amalan Ramadhan kita diterima Allah SWT Ameen.

PrettyMommie said...

I like the last pic. Semua tu anak u ye...Macam i jugak, kalau bday anak2 ni, selalunya buat kecil-kecilan je...Kalau nak buat besaran, kena ikut giliran setiap tahun. Kalau this year, buat bday party utk abang, next year pulak giliran si adik.

Mak tam manchester... said...

Oh nooo... you were sucked in to the 'electronic circuit board I will build you a robot' scam from your hubby!!! Trust me, you'll be cursing the present everytime you find bits of solder stuck in between the cusions even after you'd had vacuumed!

Happy birthday ucop!!!

Mr Tompang said...

Mr Tompang would like to make an official protest here! They shall be that ROBOT in the near future.... we are waiting for that hidden ROBOT to appear.....U just wait n see..... Ghrrrrr

UglyButAdorable said...

wahhh....future rocket scientist ker nie??

happy birthday yusof...may you grow up to be a good citizen of Allah...

The Guarding Light said...

Salam. Happy belated birthday to your time flies... he is 8 already? And Happy Eid Greetings to u n your family.
Haa...bila dah jadi mom to a growing up boy, u simply need to know a little of everything mom! Silap haribulan, u may even be asked to sing in his band, when he gets to his "high school musical" age group hahaha. By the way,ur friend's father in law is a klang teacher, my brothers know Cikgu Hamid.

Mama22Beas said...

A bit dissapointed to know the shop in BV is closed, was thinking to get things from there when the kids abit older.
Anyway, happy belated b'day to ur lil kiddo.

nooryahaya said...

could have bought him computer components, see if he can put together and get it going.

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