Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A couple of days ago, sometime after dinner, I was alerted by a call ( well..a shout actually) from my partner. Sensing something's not right, I rushed to the living room to find him sitting on the sofa staring at his hand.

From where I was standing, about 3 meters away I could see a small black plastic device in his hand. Coming closer I soon realised that he wasn't actually holding it. It's more of his finger being stuck in it! This of course resulted in me laughing my head off. And my reaction certainly didn't go down very well with the victim as he chided me for not taking the situation seriously.

Really... how could I ever be serious in a situation such as that? There I was standing infront of a 40 year old man who somehow rather had managed to get his finger stuck in what was apparently a mini weapon contraption that was part of the ensemble for my son's toy action figure! He then revealed that he had slided it onto his finger when my little girl had handed it to him. Out of curiosity he wanted to see if the thing would fit in his finger. And fit it did!

After much pulling and tugging (with a swell slowly but surely forming) we soon discovered that the little contraption would not budge.

At this point, all sorts of things went through my mind . I wasn't sure if I was to continue tugging at it or to drive him to the A&E instead. Mentioning the word A&E brought an instant reaction from husband who insisted there was no way he was going there. And I can imagine why. The thot of seeing his colleague's reaction with regards to his predicament was enough to put him off the idea altogether.

After much deliberation, he agreed that I should simply yank the thing off his finger. So mustering all the energy that I had, I then yanked it off with all my might. This was of course accompanied by a scream that must have echoed around the neighbourhood. And at the end of it all, dear hubby was left with a swollen finger and a slightly bruised ego.

Note to all children and...adults too...Do Not Try This At Home.


madame blossom said...

oops.. sorry.
he must be in pain. :\


out of curiousity...since I do not want to try it at home....did you try applying soap, bath soap or dishwashing liquid, and try sliding it out of the finger?

*Hope the fingers going to be well enough to make ketupat.* :)

bluewonder said...

mdm blossom,

the pain he could bear, the dented ego was another thing! Hehhee

minah c,
my eldest child was jst abt to get baby's oil when he instructed me to yank it off. I'm sure if he'd waited awhile, it would have slided off easily. Tu lah nasib org yg tak sabar!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

HAH!!!! FINALLY!!! Dapat akhirnya jumpa blog Kak Ngah!!!! hehehe

Hey, Happy Belated 10yr + 1mth Anniversary to you and Abang Ngah!

Macam baru semalam je zaman ngorat korang...hehehe

bluewonder said...

roti kcg merah

sape ngorat sape ek???
we're still debating this

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Kak Ngah, as far as I could remember, it was Abang Ngah yang ngorat you, lahhhhh.

Remember masa you & D***i came to visit us (& visit Abang Ngah - naturally - who came up to Edinburgh from London) in Mayfield Road and when you and D***i nak balik ke St.Patrick's, Abang Ngah raaaaaaaan down from our house up to the bus-stop across two roads infront and waited with you two until the bus came?

Well, I remembered, hehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi there...reading your blog is like a trip down memory lane- we were also there, with 3 small kids, with husband attached at a hospital....not that long ago (in my mind) but its actually almost a decade ago! yikes! Those were the fun times...

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