Saturday, September 1, 2007


31st August has always been a special day for my husband and I . This year is more significant namely because it's a public holiday to commemorate the country's 50th year of Independence. It's also a day when the whole world remembers the sudden and unexpected death of Lady Diana who was killed in a car crash 10 years ago. But more importantly on 31st August this year, it's my 10th wedding anniversary.

I still remember on that day, the conversation amongst the guests centred around Lady Di's accident and later confirmed death. Infact many of the guests who made their way to our reception (which happened to be at my house) would briefly congratulate us before making a compulsory 10 minute stop or more, at our TV room to get an update on Lady Di. It was obvious the buzz of the day was definitely her death and our wedding reception took second spot. Oh well!

Anyway, 10 years down the road and 5 offsprings later... this year's anniversary celebration was marked by our mandatory dinner for two, minus the candles of course. Mind you it nearly turned out into a dinner for 7 (kids included!). But we managed to take the kids out to the park earlier, just so that mama and ayah can have a romantic??? dinner surrounded by at least 30 strangers at some nice restaurant later on.

Our delicious tiramisu. Yum yum.


madame blossom said...

oh wow!! happy anniversary!!

semoga berkekalan jodoh and familynyer bahagia dalam iman and health and wealth. ameen.

actually good idea eh.. getting married on hari merdeka.. the whole country is celebrating with you. =D

The Guarding Light said...

Why didnt u say earlier ur anniversary was on that auspiscious day...Happy 10th anniversary and may Allah bless you and your family for always.May there be many many more anniversaries for u. And yes..let us all pray for a brighter future for our children, that they grow up safe and happy in this beloved country of ours...

fame said...

Happy moments Praise Allah,Difficult moments seek Allah,Quiet moments Worship Allah, Painful moments Trust Allah,Every moment Thank Allah.
Happy Anniversary.
I was there with 4xmoms dedicating the wajib song for pengantin.

bluewonder said...

madame blossom,
tq. You're right the choice of day was perfect. But it only applies when in the country.
So, must make sure anniversary is celebrated in M'sia!

the guarding light,
tq. read your entry on son's birthday and merdeka. Wonderful stuff!

How can we forget your duet with 4xmom. It was the highlight of the entertainment on that day. Free pulak tu!

D said...

Hey, I made sure I didn't mention about Lady Di at your wedding tau... because I didn't want your day to be overshadowed - don't I get credit for that??? *sensitif tak I?*

F.. manchester said...

Well happy aniversarry..sorry for the late wish...

However, the main attraction on your wedding day for me (besides the bride and groom) at your house was watching 'D' show up a few days before she was due to give birth to the twins! and that was a sight! Forget lady Di!

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