Thursday, August 9, 2007


Come 31st August, Malaysia will be celebrating her 50th year of independence. So much has been achieved since 1957 when the late Tunku Abdul Rahman led thousands of other Malaysians to the 7 cheers of MERDEKA! The famous Merdeka cheers signalled the end of the colonialist British rule and a new beginning for the people of this country.

Going around the Klang valley these days, one can’t help but notice the many flags that have been put up. Schools, government buildings, shopping malls have all gone to great lengths to get the Malaysian people into the Merdeka spirit. Heck! Even I have not been spared. My daughter came home one day from school and asked if she could buy this really fancy merdeka visor/cap. She said it was a-must-have as it had a mini flag attached at the side and sunglasses that can come down or go up whichever way you want it to be. She has a lot of hats and I wasn’t very keen on her buying another one. But I had to make an exception to this one, after all it is the Merdeka month.

Anyway, I’m glad my daughter managed to coax me into departing with my Rm24...coz the colourful visors/caps were indeed supercool. Perhaps my young kids may not know the real historical significance of celebrating Independence day but that’s okay. They will learn in time I hope. At least for the moment, the spirit is there and that’s important I think.

Gearing up for 31st August

Moving along on the topic of Merdeka spirit, I have to admit feeling puzzled by the recent act of a Malaysian who came up with an infamous 6 minute video clip called Negarakuku.

He wrote the song in conjunction with the country’s 50th anniversary of independence and it was his gift to the country. He also claimed that he did not mean to offend anyone by producing such a video clip. How can that be? I find it puzzling because the content of the video clip did not reflect his good intentions. Infact, I was very much offended by the lyrics which I felt mocked my religion.

I find it hard to accept that even after many, many years of co-existing with one another, there is still lack of understanding among the races. Living in a multiracial country we have to learn and respect each other’s customs and religions. That goes without saying. We are special in the eyes of the world not only because of the many similarities that we share but also because of our many differences. That is why Malaysia is so unique.

So in view of the coming Independence Day, let's be more understanding and tolerant of each other…only then can we truly embrace the spirit of MERDEKA!


Anonymous said...

It is very nice to see young ones appreciating the country's flag eventhough they do not know the meaning of merdeka. You have done a wonderful job eventhough you had to part with your rm24. It was worth it.

bluewonder said...


tq. parting with the RM24 was nothing compared to the smiles the caps/visors brought to my kids' faces!

madame blossom said...

very cute hat.. hmm.. i didn't see any for singapore.. but then again.. i didn't really go out.. so..

hmm.. these people yang make these videos.. i don't know what they are thinking, but one thing for sure.. it does not reflect a general view. ignore this ignorant infantile.

The Guarding Light said...

Salam. Thanks for your encouraging comment. Dont first they support us, then slowly..ever so slowly we will get the hang of things inshaallah, hehehe. By the way, how did u know i had linked ur blog to mine? Have a nice day inshaallah

The Guarding Light said...

Yes, it is such a sad affair when until today we find some ppl just cant appreciate that provocation using religion and race issues or ridiculing others isnt the way to solve whatever issues they may have. Ok. Hve edited n changed to Bluewonder ok.

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