Sunday, August 5, 2007

Err...sorry, this space is not for you!

When you go out to shopping malls, finding parking spaces at the carpark can sometimes be a headache, if not most of the times. This is especially true if it’s the weekend or a public holiday. Some may decide to leave their houses early just so they can secure a parking space, often times reaching the malls 15 – 30 mins before they are open ( I admit having done this on several of my Ikea outings). Others on the other hand, decide to leave it to God and simply cruise the parking lot until they find a spot somewhere...hopefully before their petrol runs out!

On some of the occasions when hubby and I chose the latter, he would jokingly ask me if I would mind pretending to be an OKU or a handicapped. We could then easily zero in on the designated parking spaces for the handicapped which are often near to the entrances. This would of course be met with a death stare from yours truly.

I’ve often observed how many Malaysians ignore the signs reserved for the handicapped, and simply park their cars at spaces which are not meant for them. When reminded of this, some choose to feign ignorance whilst others claim that they’re just parking for a few minutes only. Whichever way, their actions are denying others who have the rightful claim to these limited spots.

So when I saw 2 cars being clamped this afternoon at a mall, for parking at spaces reserved for the handicapped, I have to admit feeling…how do I describe it ... somewhat pleased?? Finally…somebody is doing something. We need to be sensitive of others and not just think of ourselves. We need to be less selfish and more civic conscious. Lets champion the rights of the handicapped and be morally upright and caring citizens of Malaysia. It’s time we walk the walk and not just talk the talk!


Anonymous said...

Was that my car? Ive got Carpal-tunnel syndrome ok.... that makes me an OKU right?

fame said...

If you are tempted to lose patience with others,stop and think how patient God has been with you.

madame blossom said...


we're one of those who DO NOT park in lots for the handicaps. I think singaporeans..kitorang ni lebih obedient.. pasal asik takut kena fine. you know how singapore is a 'fine' city.

anyway, my son pernah kata.. kenapa kita tak boleh park kat handicap area? cause he has a handicap.. he says. (actually handicap dia.. golf handicap) =D

no, we still didn't park in the handicap lot. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah...some people they are just insensitive. they would try their to get free stuffs whenever possible. they also would use all kinds of excuses in order to get what they want. this includes parking spaces. One thing for sure, i will try not to park in the OKU parking spaces. it's just not rightlah...(as if i am too civic conscious)...

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