Thursday, August 23, 2007


Yesterday 22nd August, was my husband’s birthday and every birthday since we've been married, I'd notice how he would become very reflective indeed. Being the curious me or for want of a more accurate word…“kaypo”… I'd discover the same thing year in year out. Without fail on his birthday, dear husband would be asking himself “What have I achieved so far to date?"

I think it’s great that he does this. A self-check is always good as it helps us to keep tabs on what we have done, what we’re doing now and where we are heading. It reminds us of the things that we need to improve on or perhaps consider doing in life. Without these self-checks, our birthdays would just be another day…another day of an added number to our age.

So when my husband turned 40 yesterday…yes the B.I.G 40.. I felt compelled to remind him what he has achieved so far to this day and to consider the many blessings that ALLAH has bestowed on him and the family. This of course brought a smile to his face. It also brought a cheeky response from him… an impromptu - off the cuff- amateur attempt at a rhyming couplet which sounded something like this ;

“You are my strength, You are my pillar,
If I go astray, you are my KILLER”

And this of course brought a smile to MY face.
So to dear husband….H.A.P.P.Y B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

and may you have many more ahead.

the towering inferno we had for lunch

the aftermath...a meal feat for Mr Tompang

a spidey inspired birthday cake

little V.I.Ps graced our small birthday party

Hannan and her compulsory birthday card for ayah


fame said...

Account Notice: Please note that your Pahala balance is not sufficient to maintain your Akhirat account.Please recharge your Amalan to reload your Syurga credit line.( self-checked)

Anonymous said...

Did u bake the cake yourself? does look yummy...

D said...

Happy 40th Birthday to the Korean Cat.. Meowww!!! With you by his side, bluewonder, no wonder he is ever so young.

The Guarding Light said...

they say that for a man, life begins at 40. True or not, i dont know..but girl, just go for another special honeymoon with him ok...happy birthday to ur othr half.

Anonymous said...

Very profound ....hmmm... do you have CTOS? and DANAHARTA? my credit a bit suspect ALONG ah?

Mr Tompang

Little VIP manchester said...

Happy Birthday Pak Ngah- wish I was there to join my other little VIP conrades to eat the cake.

madame blossom said...

hehe.. same birthday sey..
but i have a couple of years more till 40 =D

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