Sunday, August 31, 2008

On My Anniversary

What did I do on my wedding anniversary?? Well... a drive to Concorde Shah Alam for a much deserved high-tea (minus the kids of course).

Bread pudding. Yummy!

...and what did hubby do on the eve of our anniversary??

1. Went for his 2-5am night patrol of our housing area

2. Came back after his rounds with stories of how a suspicious looking car (possibly robbers') rammed into the palang placed at one of the exit points at our housing area after being in hot pursuit by a radio car on patrol. In an attempt to escape, robbers rammed pole at full speed causing windscreen to be broken to smithereens... hopefully sustaining serious facial/brain damage along the way.

Though robbers were seen leaving the housing area with what's-left-of-the-car... they did leave however their road tax lying on the be picked up by our night patrol on duty...which was of course handed to the police. Hurrah!

El Stupidos getaway route which backfired BIG time!!!

A big chunk of the windscreen left by the roadside


KUching Tompang said...

Hungry cat wants some of that puddin especially when seen on hot puasa afternoon, Please ask yr mummy to conjure one up as we can get those El stupidito robbers if we had more energy.

D said...

Oho... so you went for hi-tea before dropping over my place, eh?

Can I comment on Kuching Tompang's comment? Why la your mommy has to conjure some of that pudding when SURELY, YOU have inherited her talents and recipes? *Wink *wink

on a more serious note, thanks for all your support dear. It was wonderful to be amongst dear friends!

M Tam Manchester said...

Happy aniversary! To you both, and to the other 2 couples in our family who couldn't think of another original date to get married.

foodlover said...

Well, a lat 'Happy Anniversary" wish for you. Hope you'll have more happy lives together ahead of you.

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