Thursday, July 12, 2007

SCRATCHES - Part 2 (the C.S.I version)

Just like many successful movies that are later followed by sequels, my “Scratches” too has its own sequel but this time with a different set of cast and at an entirely unexpected location.

The setting:
Last Sunday at home, sometime in the late afternoon.

The plot :
I had just returned from the shop with my eldest son for our weekly grocery shopping and as we were busily lugging the grocery bags into the house, I noticed some scrawls on the passenger door of my husband’s car. Ohhhhhh! Are my eyes deceiving me or are these actually scratch marks!! And they’re on HIS car!! For those who have missed the earlier “Scratches”…the car that tends to get scratched has always been mine. Not his, but mine. Always at my workplace and NEVER at home. So imagine my horror!

Anyway, they were scrawls…imagine someone placing his hand (with long nails to boot) on the door and moving it in a circular motion over and over again…that’s what it looked like. I yelled for my son and daughter to come outside immediately, and when they saw what had happened they quickly announced that they had nothing to do with it. They even gave their alibis for me to check. By this time, my husband who was in the house, had heard the commotion and joined us at the porch. There was dead silence as he bended over to inspect the damage.

When he asked who had done it…my 3 year old son almost on cue declared “Pia” my youngest daughter, and insisted that he had been the sole witness to the crime. Both husband and I stood there puzzled. Yes, my youngest girl was in the vicinity at the time, but really…how much damage could this 1+ year old inflict with the egg carton she was holding. It was at this very moment our CSI skills kicked in. NO, we didn’t have any magnifying glasses lying around in the house to help us with our case, nor did we have any fingerprint dusting kit that would lead us to the perpetrator. All we had was the God given skill of using Reverse Psychology on a 3 year old. We realized that the only way to ever find out the truth was to get hold of the crime weapon. So we asked for our son to go and fetch the so called “weapon”. To our surprise he said…O.K...and darted into the house. We waited with baited breath. A few seconds later he returned. Lo and behold he was holding a packet of Chipsmore! And eating it too. Is it possible that my lil’ Princess had used a biscuit to scratch daddy’s car? Whatever it was, we were definitely losing sight of our evidence, as it slowly made its way into my son’s belly!

The Conclusion:



Anonymous said...

No! if the cookie cutter doesn't fit...then acquit!

D said...

LOL!!! Children are just so innocent, eh? It'd be great if he had brought in something more solid and sharp - definitely not the crumbly cookie.. Haiya!!

fame said...

Circumstantial evidence.Acquit.


izzit the original chipsmore, the double choc, butter nut or the hazelnut? hehehe
the verdict.... long as it doesnt contain rockhard honeycomb ;P

bluewonder said...

thank god it wasnt something solid and sharp. if it was, me and hubby would have had a heart attack!

spoken like a true lawyer!

cnt remember which one it was. we were too busy laughing.

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