Wednesday, July 4, 2007

11 Years Ago Today

I received mails today from friends whom I've known for the past 17 years reminding me that 11 years ago today... twas our graduation day! How quickly time flies. I recall 6 years before that, we were called to attend an orientation programme for a couple of days at Wisma Belia in KL. Students selected for the course came from all over the country; East and West Malaysia and we congregated at this nondescript building to meet each other for the first time.
We met, we bonded and became life-long friends in the end.


Wisma Belia - Days were filled with morning exercises and listening to talks and participating in group sessions. We not only learnt about each other but also ourselves.

The famous Malaysia Hall in London (er...excuse the cat!) Who can forget the lunches at the canteen - nasi, satu lauk berkuah, sayur and the compulsory air sirap? Not to forget the dashing Dexter then.

After saying goodbye to our other half who headed off for Coventry, we were bundled off to bonny Edinburgh and roughly 4 1/2 hours later arrived at Waverley Station.

Aaahhh!...first few glimpses of beautiful Edinburgh...

Horay Mouse Institute :) for the next 6 years.


Field trips-summer picnics-winter sales-Boxing Day,

weekly usrah-sleepovers-video marathon,

HMV-Virgin Records-Dorothy Perkins-Argos-James Thin-Odeon

Kebab Mahal-Pancake Place-Veggie burger-Pizza Hut-Crawfords

Lawn bowling-Croquet-Ice skating-hill walking

Eid prayers at the meadows-Raya gatherings-open houses-free food!!!

Easter break-study break??- Xmas holiday-trip to Europe

oh yes..not to forget classes-assignments-presentations and exams.

...Pure bliss...

McEwan Hall - Our Graduation Day!


Though we have gone our separate ways,

the memories are here to stay,

Of cherished thoughts that fill our hearts

Till the last moments when we part.


D said...

Wonderful days they were... Would never change anything for it, no way!!! Thanks Bluewonder, and to the others in the clan.


so touching ending.....a heart is always filled with happiness and sadness.

Anonymous said...

hey, how come i'm on the front porch of Malaysia Hall? Although I've been known to hangout there in my hedonistic heydays.... you know helping hapless newcommers finding new abodes in London...

elara_lufbrauk said...

Just out of curiosity as to what did you read in Edinburgh. Was it English? And i wonder how do u pronounce Edinburgh. Is it Edinburgh or Edinburough (this is wht i normally hear ppl say phonetically, with silence 'h').

Appreciate if you could enlighten me about that.

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