Friday, October 24, 2008

DVD weekend

Yeay! The loonnggg weekend is here... Monday and Tuesday off with the Deepavali celebrations just around the corner. Since this is the last weekend before the end of Syawal, the weekend is pretty much packed (again!) with back-to-back open houses invites. Hubby and I tried to do a marathon of 6 houses last Saturday...but only managed to cover 4. By the time we got home just slightly before 7pm... we were so knackered and parents and kids unanimously agreed to forgo dinner...(there was just no room left after the satay, rendang, laksa penang etc etc).

I'm hoping for a slightly less manic weekend this time around. Do our rounds of open-houses during the day and perhaps watch a few DVDs at night. I used to do that quite a lot... a couple of years DVDs with hubby when the kids are all curled up in bed. No interruptions. Bliss...

Well, our library of DVDs have somewhat grown over the years. Must confess there are many, many, many movies that we have not seen yet. They're just lying there mostly... still in plastics.. waiting to be taken out of the DVD basket. Sometimes, hubby the official DVD hunter/seeker forgets he has made an earlier purchase of a movie... ends up buying the same movie again at the DVD shop. This of course explains why we sometimes have 2 copies of the same movie in our collection...

I finally watched Atonement the other day... just to see what the hype was all about... and happy to announce was not the least bit disappointed. The movie was great!! Immediately requested for Atonement II from hubby, if it should ever come out..haha! Wished the ending could have been somewhat different.. but then again.. it wouldn't have garnered all the awards had the ending been the way I wanted it to be.

Official verdict : Atonement - a must see and a must have!


Maktam Manchester said...

Hey... we were suppose to have the big screen DVD night at your house with frothy mocha before we left!!!!:-(


Yes Atonement's good but left me feeling really really sad after watching it.

madame blossom said...

is it?! i always think i'd be bored watching it..

but oops.. i just saw the comments by maktam.. sad after watching it?.. hmm.. i don't like sad endings.

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