Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes, this entry is long overdue. I only managed to write one for the whole of last month and am trying hard to make sure that I write at least one more for this month. If only I had more time. Sigh!



ok, it's official. We're all fans of Big Apple Donuts!!!

If you happen to be at the Curve in PJ, check out the shop and I"m sure you won't be disappointed. Forget the donuts you've tasted before. This is the one! It's soooo soft and soft and did I mention soft??

The unofficial mascot@spokesperson@donut-tester



8th March was election day and like others I headed off for the polling station to cast my vote. The center was just about 4km away but due to traffic conditions it took a much, much , much longer time to get there. There must have been hundreds of people on the road that day, all rushing to get to the polling station. As I was driving (more like crawling away at snail's pace), I was entertained by the many sights along the road. People doing last minute campaigning for their respective parties, cars/lorries/bikes brightly decorated with party flags and stickers and honks from supporters in their own vehicles everytime they passed by a polling center.

There was indeed much to see and take in on that day. The roads were lined with the young, the old and the curious onlookers. From the colourful buntings and flags to the shouts of party slogans. There were expected victories from some and unexpected losses too. And lets not forget the shockers that became the center of discussions for days on end. Yes, enough fodder for you, me and the rest of the country to talk about until the end of the month. On my part, I'm relieved I've fulfilled my responsibility as a citizen of this country and I can only hope and pray that we will keep enjoying the peace and harmony in our country's diversities of race and beliefs.



I'm worried about my number 3, who rarely picks up books to look at the pictures or pretend to read for mama's sake. His scope of interest at this stage is limited to watching cartoons on telly, tractor-spotting and playing and demolishing his toys (more so with the latter). So when he was noticed curled up on the sofa one night, with a book in his hand...we (mama and ayah) were most pleased. Even if it was read upside down! (tis a start anyway).



Eversince hubby and I discovered Asiari at SACC mall (Shah Alam), we've been faithfully returning there once a least. Food is tasty, even my picky eaters (children) have no problem licking their plates clean. The price is reasonable, the ambience most cosy. And the interior leaves a homedecor-challenged person like me...most inspired ;)

note : we're not paid to advertise for the restaurant!


Mak Tam Manchester said...

Yes long overdue!!!

1. Donut- We're addicted to Krispy Cremes... super soft too. Check it out in Din's blog.

2. Election- Hey, where are the photos of Hindu's suporting kerajaan ulama'?

3. No pixs of the kenduri on Sunday?

4. Your no.3 sounds like a mini me (maktam)- never read anything until...mmmm.. I was 11!

D said...

FINALLY!!!! And great to get updates of all that's been happening. Okay, next would be: what we did during the school hols! Hehehe... It's me, the teacher, giving you an essay to write on. LOL.

Take care

The Guarding Light said...

Salaam and welcome to the Big Apple Fan club. I am totally hooked. But why go as far as The Curve, when its only Around The Corner? You can find it at Jaya Juscoo BukitTinggi you know. Wednesday is my Big Apple Day. Hope to bump into you sometime if you go there. By the way, the Big Apple started way back in '64. Need I say more about its popularity?
Great pics of the Election Day, I missed that...too busy watching, it escaped my mind to do the snapping.
Nice to see you finally updating your musings...take care

foodlover said...

I agree with guarding light. There's a much closer Big Apple outlet in Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi. It's easy to get there. Not much traffic especially on a school day. As for election day, it was not as 'happening' as what you saw and experienced here in Kampong Jawa if you go to Ampang. Very few people went out voting. Anyway, I am glad that you'd finally updated your blog.

NJ said...

Salam perkenalan, I hopped from D's.

Shessh..that Big Apple really got me drooling. Must rush to The Curve soon.

Mama22Beas said...

TQ on the intro to the donuts.
Think kids just do things whenever they like to. My no 2 loves pretend play since small, not much on books. Thought because I didn't encourage enough (as I did to no 1), but now she is into books too. Maybe got influenced by the two sisters. Bea3 just loves books, it is just natural to her.
The challenge is to entertain all 3 at the same time, most of the time with 3 different books!

madame blossom said...

polling day kat msia, is like pesta. :D
anyhow, I'm a bit shocked by the overall results.

donuts at the curve? will try that if i go there again!

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